TpmsEuroshop is a web-based platform, constantly updated, having the aim to gather the widest and most complete information for the professionals of this field and for the resellers of the European Aftermarket who are interested in the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System). Among other things, TPMSEuroshop contains the following main information: -TPMS original sensors installed on European vehicles; -reference service kits for ordinary maintenance; -relevant technical information (ex. ID number, locking key, etc.); -re-learn procedures to be used for the sensor set up after installation; - compatibility with Schrader universal EZ-sensor. Moreover, it is possible downloading catalogues and brochures containing information on this type of product, for example TPMSEuroguide. TPMSEuroshop is the instrument of Italmatic s.r.l., leader in Italy in the production and distribution of consumables for the tyre shop field, designed to allow an efficient communication with Customers, to place purchase orders, to check stock levels and to check the state of delivery. Identifying the correct sensor for any car is no more a problem, although in the market there are more than 150 original sensors: it is enough inserting the identification details of the vehicle (brand, model and year of manufacture) to obtain a picture of all corresponding codes: OE sensors, universal sensors, spare parts, service-kits and ID re-learning procedures of new sensors. In other words, by a click users will have available all useful codes with prices, previous registering on the site, and they shall use the site both as an efficient instrument of consulting and to send the order directly, shortening execution times. Italmatic srl (www.italmatic.net) trade in TPMS products and offer a wide range of services like Call Center, training, consultancy and logistics, completing the range of TPMS sensors by a full offer of TPMS programming and diagnosis instruments, accessories for installation, TPMS universal and original sensors of all manufacturers, to assure a total covering of the whole Italian vehicles fleet and all what is necessary for maintenance.Italmatic s.r.l. is leader in the production of balancing weights in Europe and in the distribution of consumables for tyre shops. In consequence of the strategic partnership and of remarkable investments in stock of TPMS products and in human resources, it became a reference point also for the distribution of sensors in the European market, offering a unique range of products and services in the TPMS field thanks to its completeness and reliability. Italmatic complete range of accessories for tyre shops includes balancing weights, traditional valves, inflating guns, patches and repairing material, mounting paste and much other. Visit our web site www.italmatic.net to have a complete view on our company and products.